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We all know that we need to breathe. It is the first thing we are called to task the second we are born. But on a daily basis we forget how important it is to actually focus on our breath and to take deep cleansing breaths. Square breathing is a pattern of breathing that oxygenates the blood and increases the volume of air in and out of the lungs. It is essential in reducing stress and anxiety. Square breathing can be done at any time, in any situation. It is a great way to start the day, handle a trying situation, navigate traffic or help you get to sleep. It is a great way to calm yourself down before a an interview or a public speaking engagement or any social engagement for that matter. In fact, I can't imagine a time that isn't good to employ this breathing technique. Square breathing can come easily and sometimes it takes practice. But is is something EVERY ONE should implement. This is how to practice the square breathing technique:

Breathe in for a count of (4) four.

Hold for a count of (4) four

Exhale for a count of (4) four

Hold for a count of (4) four

Repeat 2-4 more times increasing the exhale as needed or desired.

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