Our Practitioners

Annie Siemens, LMT, CA
OBMT License #4882

Annie Siemens joined the healing community in Eugene in 1994. She completed her studies at Cascade Institute of Massage in 1993. In 1994 she had the opportunity to study massage at the Provincial Red Cross TCM Hospital in Nanjing China and Hospital massage at McKenzie Hospital in Springfield Oregon. She worked with Dr. Guthrie at Cascade Center for Massage and Body therapies from 1994-2001 and again from 2008-2014 at his private practice. She is excited to work at Benessere Chiropractic.
Annie has enjoyed her work and her clients, whether she has seen them for decades, or she is seeing them for the first time. She has a family practice and works with patients from their birth as well as throughout their lives. She has worked with one pound babies, children and adults with scoliosis, infant torticollis and other orthopedic issues, pregnant women, women in labor and postpartum women, child athletes, recreational athletes, professional athletes and senior athletes, patients seeking stress reduction, pain and injury management patients, TMJ and intra-oral work and any patient seeking her services. Her work is as deep or as gentle as her patients need. She has the nickname "the baby whisperer" Annie's work is technically called neuromuscular therapy massage, which includes: trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish massage and hot and cold therapies. Her work can be as deep or gentle as the patient needs. She also offers TCM massage (traditional Chinese Medicine Massage called Tui Na). TCM's protocol is: diet and lifestyle changes, massage, herbal medicines, cupping, moxabustion and acupuncture.
Annie does not prescribe herbs or perform acupuncture. Annie is an instructor at the local community college (LCC) and teaches the elective classes. She also teaches the community class for Parent/infant massage. 

Ann Cole, LMT, CA
OBMT License #023599

Ann provides clinical massage using trigger point work, myofascial release, and joint mobilization. Through her background as a dance/ movement therapist and licensed counselor, she has cultivated skills in relaxation training and in body awareness for ease of movement. 


Ann brought Watsu (shiatsu in warm water) to the northwest in 1990.  She continues to teach and provide Watsu at Tamarack pool and is a great proponent of the healing properties of water. She is delighted to be part of the dynamic team at Benessere.

Sarah Pagen, LMT, CA
OBMT License #9535

As a massage therapist, Sarah is soothing, effective, and compassionate. Her style is known to be rhythmic and fluid. Sarah specializes in the Mana Lomi style of Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi. Mana Lomi is used for relaxation by soothing the mind with its fluid strokes. Mana Lomi also aids in injury recovery by increasing circulation to provide tissues with the vital nutrients needed for the healing process with site specific work.

Sarah also incorporates more advanced techniques of Mana Lomi, that blend stretching and mobilization. Furthermore, Hawaiian hot stone treatments, hot wet towel compresses, topical herbs, and deeper work are included in her repertoire to help to soften and elongate tissues as well as encourage relaxation. The versatile nature of Mana Lomi enables Sarah to tailor her massage to the needs of each client from gentle to deep.

Sarah is a 2002 graduate of Lane Community College's massage program. She has worked in many different clinical and spa environments since.

Sarah has been a part of the Benessere team since 2011.