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Our Instructors

Linda Osterlitz, CA
Cert #4568

Linda Osterlitz is a certified mat Pilates, TRX Suspension and Poundfit instructor.  She has been practicing in Eugene for 19 years. She has taught large group classes and privates and currently focuses on small group (3-6 individuals), semi-private and private classes.  She draws from each of the modalities for variety in her classes and teaches the specific modalities in her private and semi private classes. Her focus is to customize workouts for an individual experience and uses many props in her classes to both modify and enhance the original exercises.  She focuses on the mind body connection and proper form and alignment. She is committed to helping you reach your goals and is very focused on providing a class that meets your individual needs. 

Brenda Watson, CA
Cert #7873

Brenda Watson is a licensed CA and a certified yoga instructor.  She incorporates all her practices in her individual one on one sessions. She has a motivating and positive coaching approach with a focus on form and proper engagement of muscle groups. She is constantly expanding her knowledge in fitness and is driven to provide you with an individual fitness session geared specifically for you.  She offers guided yoga classes with individual attention and support.






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