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Icing Guidelines

Click here to download icing instructions or refer to guidelines below:


  1. Always use a gel pack; if not available,
    a bag of frozen peas can be substituted for a gel pack.

  2. Place a thin layer of cloth between skin and ice to prevent frostbite, which could appear as a grayish color of skin. 

  3. Ice for 15-20 minutes only.

  4. Before icing again, wait 20 min. until skin is warm again.

  5. If icing increases pain or muscle tension, apply heat  afterward.

  6. Alternate heat with ice – 10 min. heat, 10 min. ice.

  7. When alternating, begin with heat & end with ice.


FOUR Stages of Sensation:

Cold, Burning, Aching, Numb “CBAN”

Physiological effect of icing:

Icing creates a local constriction of blood vessels which moves blood away from the area; when the ice is removed, the blood vessels open to supply nutrition and oxygen to the tissues.  Ice also numbs the area and reduces pain signals to the brain.

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Nuts 

  • Potatoes

  • Fresh Wild Fish 

  • Wild Game

  • Grass/pasture-fed meat

  • Omega-3 eggs

  • Organic butter

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Dark Chocolate (>70% cacao)

  • Stout beer    

  • Red wine       

  • Balsamic vinegar 


ginger, turmeric, garlic, oregano, marjoram, cumin, etc.      


brown rice, quinoa, & millet. (less hybridized)

  • Refined grains

  • Whole grains: Wheat, oats, corn
    (more hybridized)

  • Grain/flour products  

  • Grain-fed meats/eggs

  • Most packaged foods

  • Most processed foods

  • Corn, safflower, sunflower,
    soybean oil

  • Most salad dressings

  • Trans fats (margarine, and
    in most packaged/processed foods)

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