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Auto Registration Forms

Oregon personal injury law allows Chiropractors to be primary care physicians for motor vehicle related injuries, regardless of who is at fault.  The injured person may be the driver, passenger, pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a motor vehicle.  The care period is referred to as the personal protection period or PIP.  The PIP covers “reasonable and necessary” treatment for 24 months following the date of injury.  Coverage for treatment is limited by the amount of PIP coverage defined in the insurance policy.  This PIP amount is set at the time the policy is drafted and has a variable limit at the discretion of the policyholder.  Increasing the PIP coverage usually reflects as a very small increase in the monthly premium and maximizes the benefits to those who were injured. If you have any questions or concerns regarding coverage for such a plan, please feel free to contact our billing specialist here at Benessere.


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